Keeping an Eye on Things

Ah, I just couldn't resist. My Auntie gave me four Gem Squash and we just had to try them. We had some winter squash with yesterday's supper. Sweet and flavorful. It got me to thinking about pumpkins. Why is it that we always serve pumpkins with sugar and allspice? It's a squash isn't it. Haven't done any research on the topic but if you have a favorite, vegetable rendering recipe that doesn't include sugar or allspice, for pumpkin I would like to hear it. I was thinking of the thousands of pumpkins that lay rotting in the fields in the lush lower mainland right after Halloween.

Today we are continuing with getting in the winter's wood. I have a new chain saw filing jig I want to try out before I start falling more of the Beetle killed pine. I want to get the rest of the fir piled near the basement split up so the dogs can rest easy knowing the resident Pack Rat has one less place to hide. You would think it would get the hint..

God I am so grateful to look out over this valley on such a beautiful day, as the morning fog lifts.

I am going in a 5K race in Kelowna in a few weeks. All nervous about that. Trying to talk Jo-Ann into bringing the wheel barrow. My gazelle of a daughter, Sara, is running a half marathon. Really, if I listened to my own advice instead of my head I would be a lot better off. Take my advice—I don't use it!

Keep an eye on the important things today..


Suzanne said…
Let me know how the 5km goes.
And good luck.

One step at a time.
Daughter One said…
I'm just following your lead Dad.

I'm SO excited about your race - and it is that Dad, YOUR race so no need to be nervous - you win just by entering.

Carol Browne said…
5 KM? You can do eet!

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