Head Case

I was doing some telephone support the other day. Needing to use the keyboard and talk on the phone. Problem was my handsfree headseat packed it in. Remembering a joke "cordless headset" picture that was making the www rounds a year or so back, I had a flash of inspiration:
Necessity being the mother of invention. I am now offering these very effective, extremely light weight, adjustable to most any head size, cordless phone headset adapters for an amazingly low introductory price of $14.95. ( phone not includedAnd for those of you who notice the non-up to electrical code wiring in the background, I assure you the electrical maintenance staff has been alerted.

After this adventure it was time for a meeting of the Poor Meow group. Always nice to have a place to go where you feel a part of.. And they just "Lap" up every thing I have to say.

I have the shop back to it's pre entropy stage. Way neat. I took a lot of time to organize it shelf by shelf and drawer by drawer. It just makes getting work done so much easier.

Now to tackle the office. Rearrange some servers, set up a new Windows 7 development machine and make a spot to resurrect dead P.C.'s of which I have been doing a lot of lately for friends. Virus problems most of the time. I am sure there is a special place in hell for virus writers and script kiddies..

We're taking the weekend off from our wood cutting endeavors as we both have computer related stuff to do..and get done before planting starts.

Hope your weekend is restful.


Yeoman said…
Neat looking cats!

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