More than a frame of mind.

We went out to the woods today. The pile just keeps growing and my feeble efforts on weekends are not reducing it. However, bit by bit we are stockpiling wood for next winter - House and Green house. There were some really large pine in the pile. My saw could barely make a though cut.

Of course getting the stuff into the trailer took just about all I had.

It was a very warm day, hovering around zero. Which means the snow was very slippery, wet, and sitting on a layer of ice. Trying to make it up our hill to deliver the goods proved problematic:
A no go situation. Time to take a deep breath, put on the chains and once again commiserate about the desirability of putting the chains on before I am stuck. I just get, well, stuck on that one.

Putting the off road chains on all four tires solved the problem. Barely. I was surprised at how slippery the hill was. It was touch and go. But we did make it home to a lovely cup of tea and got to open the parcels that had been waiting for us in our mailbox in Endako.

Thanks to Aunty Berta I scored some wonderful gloves. I "heart" my Thrum gloves.

Inside they have wool pulled through that makes them extremely warm and cushy.

I now have a nice pair of " go to town gloves" -- these babies will never see a woodpile. There just too nice.

Our long awaited seed order has come through. Well most of it. Seed spuds some lettuce and beets are back ordered. Hope they come soon as it's getting to be time to start sprouting and getting some of the tires ready for an early planting. I have some heating cable and am going to try growing a couple of tires with the soil heated to 70C. We are starting to get a lot more light.

Ah well, time to finish my tea, unload the trailer, drop it off and take the chains off. Were humming and hawing about making a run to Prince George tomorrow and try and get some ram for a server.

I am now having a look at Microsoft's Azure platform. It's an interesting cloud based solution to SAAS. If you don't grok that acronym - you will. It's about purchasing software as a service as opposed to buying a cd and then dealing with updates etc. It's an idea were toying at for a business model for endatako.


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