Chop Wood Carry Water

Back to the Basics.With a bit of a break in the cold we went down to Brother Tom's to get a few more loads of wood.  This is the easy way to get wood.

 The four in one bucket holds the logs up to make waist high cutting possible and then scoops up the blocks so I can stack them in the back of the truck.  Way faster and easier on the saw blade.  This is our new method for next winters wood, which we will get this summer, God willing, that it ever comes. I figure we go through about 12 cords of wood per season.

The water in the Blue shed has frozen up. The only reason I can think of is that without the pigs sipping on the water the short span of pipe that goes through the wall has frozen.  The pigs got processed last week and we are awaiting some hams, bacon, chops and Mennonite sausage.  Hopefully I can get it unfrozen today after I get another load of wood.  Or it's back to carrying water in a bucket. Chop wood, carry water. I do believe in the Spirituality inherent in doing everyday chores, but it is hard to beat the convenience of plumbed in water.

After the recent snow dump I've spent about eight hours plowing.. Much more snow and I will have to push the snow banks back by going across the road.  Tom just phoned and told me to look out the window down into the valley.

 He is plowing out a fellows kilometre long driveway that hasn't been done for quite a while.  He is having to push sideways and the banks have to be ten feet high. That job is going to take most of the day.

Not trusting the cold weather to be gone till next year I am going to spend some time with the log splitter making more split firewood for use in the upstairs heater, Green house and the Animal Barn.

And then maybe some work in the Green house.  Spinach and lettuce are table ready so we need to plant some more to keep a steady supply coming in. And maybe now that I have the ventilation working we can try some Hakuri turnips.

And then maybe I can put my feet up and argue with Kermit the Kat over the relative merits of using a mouse versus a pen based computer.  Kermit of course is old school and thinks the mouse is the only "right" way. And is quite vociferous in making his opinions known.

 Hope your staying warm and cozy.


Oh Art, I am afraid to ask, what is Mennonite sausage ?
Art Blomquist said…
Mennonite sausage is a delectable Pork sausage the Local Mennonite's introduced us to. Truly a wondrous thing that always amazes our house guests. Now where were you going with this, you didn't think that we actually made sausage out that just wouldn't cross your mind..would it?

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