It's Curtains

Made out of  five Quilts we bought at a second hand store in Prince George.  Just plopped some grommets in them and hung them off of double headed three inch nails.

Let's let the light in:

Heres the other way, I.E. towards the front door:
And Open:

Astounding what a difference they make.  My only regret was not doing it earlier - like in the depths of January and early February when the temperatures plummeted.  With only a small electric heater going last night it was 21.7C this morning when we checked.  Outside was only hovering just below zero.

I think the increase in daylight has got everything sprouting like crazy.  The tomatoes have a bunch of new blooms and ripening  Roma tomatoes.  Small but tasty. This time of year fresh tomatoes and table greens are very much appreciated.  On the task list for this week is to trim back the tomato bushes.

The Chinese cabbage has sprouted and will soon be out of the plastic lids.  Spinach and Lettuce need serial plantings to keep a continuous kitchen supply.  Jo-Ann has pictures of flowers that are starting to bloom in the green house.  A real pick me up!

The warm spell just seems invigorating after the last five months of snow.  Hope springs eternal in a
gardeners heart:

Soon these tires which sit on pallets will get forklifted back to the East side of the house and planted with flowers.  Well in a month or so..

Splitting wood today and then pushing back some more snow banks for as long as my stomach can hold it. I just wouldn't make a heavy equipment operator - just don't have the stomach for it.  Sucking on some raw ginger makes a difference.  And a hot cup of ginger tea right after seems to settle it right down.  My brother took pity on me and pushed back a large part of the driveway and the road up to Grandma's.   I still need to do  a couple of hundred meteres on the road and 250 or so to the wood lot.  That might take a couple of days.


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