How Much Wood...

It turns out the answer to that is 17 1/2 cords. Probably enough to see four fires through the winter.  Some of them don't take much wood.

 Loading it and delivering it to the house is fast.

It's the stacking that takes time.
All the wood isn't going to fit under cover so some will just get stacked and covered with a tarp.

 Next years Project list includes extending a shed roof under the veranda so it's all under cover.
 A few brisk days with overnight temps approaching freezing  have added some impetus to the effort.  We have had snow on the mountains across the valley by this time.  It is not far away.

 There is a certain sense of ease and comfort in knowing this winter's wood project is coming to an end.  Just in time because the electric furnace has been running, on and off, for quite some weeks now to take the morning chill off or warm up the evenings watch infront of the idiot box.

Here's the result of trying to stack too much wood into the trailer and not paying attention to the big bad stump.  Jo-Ann say's she was glad it was me driving.  What ever does she mean by that?

She didn't yell at me or anything! Well that will teach me to hurry!

This culprit is going to be the first to get burnt up in the downstairs furnace!

The Chickens have almost reached laying stage so today's project is to make some laying nests.  A day off from stacking wood.

And now to invent the WhizBang firewood picker upper bucket.  It uses tines so that sod doesn't get mixed in with the firewood rounds.  Ah, wait some ones already invented a rock bucket that looks like it would work for firewood.  Now to win the lottery..


Anonymous said…
I've been enjoying your blog. Art I always thought your calling was rocks,but have to say I'm impressed by your versatility your a man of many talents,but never mix sod with fire wood. your old friend sod buster.
Art Blomquist said…
And as it happened, It was real wet when we were picking up the wood with a bucket and did get sod it. A real mess. Got me lusting after a rock bucket that would pick up the wood without grabbing any sod. Ah well a bit more work picking the sod out of the wood pile.

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