Spent the last couple of days, slithering in the mud, inhaling fiberglass particles, getting covered with rusty leaking water, and trying not to catch a house on fire.  Yep, you guessed it.  I'm plumbing.  Nasty job. We think Grandmas has been sitting cold for at least Six or Seven years.

Not properly drained, the occasional -30 weather split copper pipes and wrecked a lot of the plumbing. It doesn't look like it was ever done to proper standards in the first place.  Hugyballed.  Poly pipe clamped to copper.  The soldered joints all look like this:
And these are some of the better ones.  The elbows seem to split.  And of course the risers.  The 1/2 inch copper lines entering the wall ( which is actually the floor) have all split inside the walls.

Thank God for the guy who invented PEX conduit.  Replacing copper and lead solder is pretty easy.  Except for where the connections have to be made where my long handled PEX pliers can't open.

We are thinking of renting out Grandma's.  Free rent, just look after the joint, feed the animals, when, if, we take a trip.  A perfect place for a retired couple.

With Pigs, Chickens, Cats and Dogs and thinking of getting some sheep and maybe a cow,  we are getting pretty tied down to the joint.

First thing first is to get the water working.  Soon, I hope - as we change the last of the plumbing fixtures. Then I need to install a wood heater and repair some shed roofs and change the wood decking.    I am in a bit of a panic as winter is coming and I still haven't made any inroads on the 2011 wood project.  Well, I have managed to get the equipment corralled and saws sharpened.  We need to wait until Tuesday (It's its a long weekend here and the stores are closed ) to get plumbing parts in Burns lake so I have time this weekend to make some trees fall down.

We redecorated the chicken coop.  The girls seem to like the pin ups and were hoping the Roosters will be inspired.

Hope your having a fun filled long weekend.


Anonymous said…
Art your choice of pin ups for the girls brought back a flood of memories re. the upgrade at #3 fire hall and your excitement at finding the early twenty-th century pin ups behind the old lockers. I think the chickens pin ups are a little racer. Sodbuster.
Art Blomquist said…
Sod! Your post brought a flood of memories. And got me wondering where I put the pictures. They were priceless. Literally. We could have held onto the lockers they were glued to and sold them for big bucks! Ah, the lesson for me is to really pay attention to whats going on right now! It could be a priceless moment soon enough!
Emmet said…
Hello and it's nice to see what you've been up to. It's great to see you following your bliss and being prepared for whatever comes down the pipe. Hi to Jo.

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