I've Been Fired!

From the yard plowing job.  I get motion sickness at the drop of a hat, 'er snow blade.  I am alright on the road plowing stuff but zippity doing around the yard, back and forth - well I get barfy thinking about it.  We've had a little dump of snow and with a big wind behind it, snow drifts are appearing all around the yard.

Jo-Ann, tired of my whining decided she was going to do it.  Let's just say she did a better job than the last guy who did it!

Our cats really do know how to make the best of the Winter season.

Hope your making the best of yours.


MrsD59 said…
That's my BFF! Nothing she can't do.(You are okay yourself) but no- one can beat my BFF!
Endako Jo said…
So... who is this MrsD59 who claims to be my BFF? Flattering, but please identify yourself.
Carol Browne said…
Those kitties are very comfy. And thank goodness Jo-Ann! Who knew she could get that snow plowing done and done in a flash?

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