Off to town

After Breakfast we are going to be going to Burns Lake. It's not a big place but they have a lot more variety than Fraser Lake. The have a Canadian Wholesale club which has the best prices around. Time to stock up. One of the more challenging parts of living a bit out in the boonies is changing our shopping habits. We can't just drop by the Safeway on the way home from work and pick up something for supper. Well we could but the gas money would be atrocious. So we try and do a big shop once a month for staples and stuff we can freeze. Jo has discovered that pancakes are made from flour.

You don't need bisquick, or other premixed (read expensive)convenience packs. Who'd a thought. It's like the magic of garden fresh vegetables. I don't know about "Organic" food. I think it has something to do with the fact that it has dirt on it and I get to process it and cook it. Not someone else in a factory. Doing a job.

Which brings me to my next thought. I read a wonderful book called: "In Praise of Slow", by Carl Honore which got me to thinking about the cost of moving at a thousand miles an hour in our daily lives. We purchase anything that will "save" us a few minutes. We're in a big hurry so we can relax. Live at lightening speed so we can retire.. It's like we are conditioned to be happy later, after we get that new thing or overcome a current difficulty. I know I sound kinda like a "Hippy" on a rant, but sometimes it just overtakes me. All this rushing to foster consumerism has a vast cost that isn't just measured in dollars.

When I get up in the morning and take some time to read some spiritual literature and make an attempt at some meditation I find that my day is inexplicably longer. When I go to some spiritual meetings through out the week, my week lasts longer. It's counter intuitive but it is my experience. When I don't do what the T.V. says I should be doing I have a richer life.

What's the cost of having a classical 9 to 5 job? Have you ever sat down and costed it out. I bet you would be surprised. I was. Having a j.o.b costs a lot of money. And more times than not - a chunk of our soul.

You have a wonderful day ( if you want ) and do it. S-l-o-w-e-l-y....


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