Slip Sliding Away

It has been above zero with a wind blowing. Makes for some interesting driveway conditions. This is a picture of the lower driveway, just before the place where the sun don't shine.

I don't know how well the picture shows it, but the glistening on top of the ice is water. Really a slippery combination. When we came back up I put the chains on the rear wheels just to make sure.

Some of the Locals are saying winter is over. I think that's wishful thinking. It's snowed plenty here in March. I guess their theory is that we've had so much snow this year that Mother Nature is snowed out. Some one should tell her that.

Today is Database work. I'm in the middle of supporting some old legacy code and writing a whole new application. Now here's a thought how about an application that is centered around the ease of the user. What a concept. The main problem is, as always, educating the user. Or making the application so strong that users can't put numbers in text fields. We've been experimenting with remote help systems. Of course the good ones are expensive. But it's vital so that I can keep customers serviced from here. And they don't want to have to reconfigure Firewalls or worry about IP settings. Who does.


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