All Wet

We took Sunday off to catch up on some house chores. One of the things we did was install a drip irrigation system in our tire garden. Makes watering pretty easy. Well, automatic, once Jo-Ann figures out how to make the timer work. Instead of buying commercial sprinklers, which are a small fortune for the 1/4 " stuff I just made a ring of 1/4" tubing at each tire and supported it with nails. I then punched holes in the tubing and Voila! sprinklers. The lettuce loves it.

Speaking of which, has anyone tried just cutting the lettuce and leaving the roots in the ground? The lettuce just keeps growing. That's a new one on me. I haven't tried the new crop but it seems to be growing pretty fast so it shouldn't be too long.

We are starting to get creative with our eggs. Storage really. The 10 Chickens are laying eight or nine eggs a day. And that adds up. We really can't eat that many, so we are experimenting with different ways to use them up. One of the ways we have tried that seems to work is to break them into egg cartons ( the styrofoam kind ) and freeze them. When you need an egg for baking or scrambling just pop one or more out and thaw them out. I just may have to dig out the pickled egg recipe...


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