Mending Fences

The other day, right in the middle of a rainstorm, we noticed that there were cows on the wrong side of the fence. After chasing them out and spending several hours in the downpour fence-mending (with some swearing thrown in for good measure), here they were back this morning.I guess the sight of all that luscious grass is just too much to resist. The problem was with the fence line around the house. It encloses an area of about 20 acres or so. Last winter's heavy snowfall has wreaked havoc with the fence lines in the area. Fences around here are four wire fences. Three wires just don't cut it with the red Angus heifers and bulls. Some farmers are considering just putting up new wire as opposed to patching the old. In our case, I am just going to fix up the fence. I have a fence stretcher that makes the job a lot easier. I really don't have time right now as I am writing code like a monkey on a coffee overload getting ready for a customer at the Coast, but cows wandering around the place can do a lot of damage. Last year the bulls wrecked several trees by rubbing against them. At first I thought it was someone's clumsy attemts at pruning but no, it's the bulls, and cows getting a scratch.I am grateful the tire gardens are covered and they don't seem to bother it. They're a nuisance in the yard, though....pooping and trampling at will.And they just step on anything in their path. Terribly destructive.


Carol said…
On the upside, there's always plenty of pies for cow patty soccer. Good times!

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