Fencing 101

(go to Jo-Ann's blog to find out what Walter is saying at the end)

Walter, the farmer whose cows are pastured here, came up the other day with a fencing crew. And a tractor mounted fence post pounder. In about three hours they had installed a 300 foot cut-off fence between the Main House and Grandma's. It's a well built one and the cows won't be able to get through this one in a hurry. And it makes rounding up the cattle easier, just open the gate and put them in. Easier than driving them all over a quarter section. Meanwhile I was busy repairing the fencing along the West and North Sides. So most of the house perimiter fencing is intact. The only problem now is a single, bottom wire on the East side and the cut off fence ensures the cows can't get through that. None the less, I don't want to encourage bad habits so when I get a moment, a dry one, I'll patch that up. The yearlings have taken to walking over the cattle guard 'tho. It is filled with dirt from the spring flooding and consequently grass, so it's not acting like a deterrent to them. If they can see grass or the bottom their not shy of it. The excavator is off doing some stump pulling at our neighbors in the valley and when it returns I will use it to lift the entire cattle guard up out of the way and dig the bottom clean. In the meantime I've wired a piece of 2 X 6 across the fence and the cow engineers have even managed to figure out how to knock that down. Right after I put it there they all congregated right at the cattle guard, noses sniffing at the gate/board. I imagine the conversation must have been like this: " hey Marty, look at this, some kinda stick thing accross the path to the good grass." "Yay, Frankie, Don't know what to make of it, better call Red, she's had some engineering experience with this kind of thing, pretty sure she can handle it." And she did. I've had to put it back up twice now.

The Big Guy sure makes some nice sunsets.


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