Bundle up

We've come out of  two week stretch of -20.  Today it's sun and just below freezing.  A good day for unthawing the skid steer.  I have some drive problems with it and want to get it into the heated garage to work on it.  When I tried to move it the left hand side was frozen solid.  Time to bundle it up, stick on a magnet block heater, plug in a circulating block heater, battery charger and ceramic heater.

Today it's very warm.  If I can't move it I will have to resort to an old cold weather trick.  Placing a stove pipe under the oil pan and using  a tiger torch to help thaw it out.  A tiger torch for those who don't know is basically a propane blow torch.  If that doesn't work it will sit until spring - which will make plowing out the driveway dependent on Brother Tom's skid-steer availability.

We've been enjoying tomatoes and cucumbers from the green house.

 What a delicious thrill!  On a  sad note one of the cuc's has become infested with some kinda mite so it's getting outa there today. Time to get some christmas lettuce and spinach going.. But first let's get the drifts out of the driveway.


Denise E said…
Good looking eats! You guys should be proud of that lil' hot house.
Art Blomquist said…
And it's about to get hotter, er more thermally efficient!
All your hard work is really paying off. You inspire me. I want some of those tomatoes !
Art Blomquist said…
They are delicious and plentiful. Time to dream up sauce recipes.

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