The Winter of Our Discontent

It was -17℃ this morning.  We're in a white out snow storm and it's starting to build.  Of course I don't have the skid-steer running or plow attached.  I've put that off a day or so too long.  Ah Winter!

I am busy right now painting a friends house in the valley and refinishing the kitchen cabinets, so that they can move in.  Brother Tom is drywalling and mudding part of the place so I have to paint around that which tends to slow the process up a bit. Hopefully I will finish that up in a couple of three days and get back to doing some work around here.  Like get the skid-steer in the garage.

Time to update the blog pics.  There's nothing green around here anymore.

 I do enjoy the winter as much as I like to complain about it.  Even this snowstorm is peaceful, quiet. It gives me some time for reflection.  Remind me of that come February when I've had enough will you.  My secret weapon for this winter is having the green house.  Nice to look out past the cukes and tomatoes and watch the snow fall. I am having lunch right now and munching on a  green house tire garden cuke.


Yeoman said…
I love weather like this, as long as I don't have to travel in it. I don't even making the long drive to feed the cattle.

It always seems, however, that I'm at work in my town job and have to travel in it to some distant locality. One of the aggravating unrealities of town work.
Art Blomquist said…
Yeoman, it's the kid in us isn't it! The promise of "no school today!" Travelling on the highways is the dangerous part. Especially this time of year - people with 4X4's and bald tires thinking they can still travel at 130Kph down Ice glazed Highways. I feel a lot safer in our old AWD studded snow tire equipped van.
Anonymous said…
Art; I thought you would have a horse and buggy by now? Enjoy the beauty of winter. Wishing you good health and many happy days, all the best. NK
Art Blomquist said…
We have a couple of pigs. But really they squeal like crazy when we hook them up to the sleigh!

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