I got home yesterday from a quick visit down to the Coast to hold my new granddaughter.  One of the jobs on the before it snows list was  ☑ Change to Winter Tires.  Seems like there's always one job at least I didn't get done.

As we were doubtful about the reliability of any of our vehicles my Sister in Law lent me her newer snow studded tire equipped front wheel drive car for the trip.  I had swapped her mine while I was away.  The one with out the snow tires..

Today I dropped her car off and picked up mine.  Having to travel through six inches of snow on Savory road to get it to her should have got me thinking... but no.  Nary a thought as we swapped vehicles.

With Jo-Ann in the car being very quiet we managed to negotiate the place where the sun doesn't shine on Savory road up our driveway - until the right angled bend.  After a few attempts including trying to back up I had to admit defeat and we ended up walking up the hill.  Fortunately a lovely sunny day.

After some clean up with the skid-steer I got the car home easy peasy.  Now after a quick cup of tea, job one becomes get the snow tires on at least one vehicle.


Art, your daily challenges in regards to weather always make me appreciate the "balminess" of Illinois. AND anytime I feel whiney about another project Keith and I have to do I read your blog and think "If Art can do it so can I !!"
Art Blomquist said…
That's for sure, if I can do it, anyone can!

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