It's That Time Of Year Again

Not that we were totally unprepared, but it sure got cold fast. Fortunately the winter garb was never far away.  It dropped from -5C (23F )to -21C (-5.8F) overnight a couple of nights ago and has stayed frozen since.  Which has given me a few opportunities to beef up the cold weather protection.  Job one this morning is to thaw out the Jeep which froze up on the side of highway 16 last night.  Poor or non existant anti-freeze, and as it turns out a crappy thermostat.  Anti-freeze fog in the distributer cap makes for no start.

The snow came pretty much on schedule and it was time to do the first plow.  By the time I had done some commercial accounts and my neighbors and my driveway and yard Four hours had passed and the ginger anti-motion pills had worn off!

Got out these "Thrum" mitts my Wife's Aunty knitted for me.  They're wonderful and I was glad to have them with me when the Jeep froze up and I waited a couple of hours for the tow truck to arrive from Burns Lake, 52 kilometeres West of where I broke down.. With out my cell phone.  Thankfully I was wearing my heavy duty surplus Canadian Armed Forces winter parka.

We are getting ready to harvest six hogs and 19 Roosters.  Tomorrow we'll be helping our butcher friend slice and dice a couple of cows and a lamb.  All good practice.

Now to thaw out the Jeep, which is languishing at my Brother Tom's place with a tarp over it and propane blower heater telling it Spring is here..

This is Maya, a friends of ours dog, who proclaimed my lap a perfect place to snuggle in while we watched the fire vision..  

Hope you have a warm lap to snuggle up in!


Maya. In your lap. And I thought winter was difficult for you up north.
Art Blomquist said…
Nah, Winter is just another season. Okay, remind me I said that in about five months...

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