Moving On..

Always a great idea to take to the butcher shop: Lunch and something else you just might need!

The fires are burning pretty steady now that the temperatures are hovering around freezing and below. Handy to have it just outside the basement door where we bring it in to split with an electric/hydraulic wood splitter.  Before you can say " Lickity Split" It's in split, piled and distributed to the three fires.

Jo-Ann was trying for a new worlds record, and assured me this wasn't even close to her personal best.

So far we are just burning wood in the house and green house.  In a week or so, after I do some chimney re-routing, I will be starting a night fire in the animal shed.

I don't think the animals really need a lot of heat.  Just enough to stay dry.  But I sure find it handy when I am doing barn chores!

Still have some more projects to do but most of them can be done indoors because the snow is creeping down the mountains and we even had a skim of it last night.

 Moved the Garden tool shed over besides the East side of the green house and installed a deck.  With the addition of a ramp it will make a handy addition to the Green House set up.  We can store all the pots and potting paraphenalia in the storage shed clearing the green house for more plants.  The tomatoe's we planted last year are still growing and blooming.  Fascinating to see how long they will go before giving up the ghost.  One of the plants had really small fruit and it may be time to dig it up and start fresh.  We also have an assortment of flowers and herbs and Musclin and Spinach on the go.  A real nice place to hang out when the winter chill is about.
Of course the foremen, er - forgurls took all the credit for keeping the pesky crows from interfering with the project and waited patiently by to give the new deck a try out.

Notice the Red Neck recycled wood boxes? And those things on my feet.  Yup, time to bring them out.  This was the first day this season I wore them and a winter coat.  All the winter apparerel are making their way out of storage and onto the clothes hangers near the door.  Well except for the long johns - that would be unseemly..

Ah, nothing like a nap infront of a cozy fire to round out a day! Hope your day ended in a snuggle!


Art, its looks suspiciously like you are in the dog house again.
Art Blomquist said…
Well, it is a house full of dogs!
Anonymous said…
Hi.Art you guys are something, I think you should be lobbing for an Olympic event ( wood hauling) I'm sure Jo-Ann would be a medal winner Sod.

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