It's In The Bag

Santa's not the only one packing a large bag of goodies around. Mind you if you pulled your gift from this bag you might be a bit disappointed.

We've discovered that the used grain bags are perfect for hauling wood and dropping it where we need it. We have fires burning in a couple of locations besides the house. The old barn and the greenhouse. We process the wood that we stacked last fall at our basement with a wood splitter, load the bags and drop them where we need them.

They have a cinch strap on the top that keeps the snow out. There's no refund for them so we're working on more ways to recycle them. Like a perfect cover for the back of the Jeep.

Our Boar is back from college.
who wouldn't go crazy for a face like this?
The ladies are fascinated with him.
OK, we'll sneak out a little later when the warden isn't looking...

Been a bit under the weather lately so I haven't been progressing on the project front as much as I've wanted to. We have plans for a 45 gallon water barrel feeding a bunch of nipples but in the meantime we just installed a heated 15 gallon water tub in a tire to keep it pig proof.

It seems to be working well. A lot better that trying to keep them watered from a trough.

Hope the Christmas season sees you and yours  well watered, healthy and happy.


Anonymous said…
Arthur, I hope all is going well. Happy 2013, enjoy the winter wonderland. All the best. NK
Art Blomquist said…
It's a great year. Keep hoping you'll drop by!

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