the Pigs Run Amok

Before I even opened the door to the barn the hairs on the back of my neck were inexplicably standing on end.  And then I opened the door.  The pigs had managed to un ravel the chain on their pen and had run amok.  Trampling everything in sight.  That would be a pigs sight - anything they could reach.  Of course their blaming some one else as they were all in the pen looking out at me when I walked in.

But they can't fool my finely attuned eye.  It was, after all, cemented to the floor with frozen pig crap.  Don't tell me the sheep dragged that in! And the sheep wouldn't devour a whole box of apples.. Thankfully most of my electrical hand tools and most of the power tools were out of reach.

It has been a really nice time of winter.  Before the deep winter cold.  Fresh snow and hoar frost make for a beautiful setting.  The animals sure seem to like it!

Starting to lose count of how many times I've had to plow out the place.  That's a good sign that winter is progressing.
the blue tinge is because it was taken near 3 pm and falling dark.

Hope you've got a friend by your side willing to share a comforter on a cold winters night!


Denise E said…
Whoa... What distructive bunch you have.. They were hell bent on making it a sty before you came in. Kinda cute tho that they were in their stall when you entered. I wonder if they heard you coming and all dashed back to where they knew was safe spot to be.
OMG !!! When Jo mentioned this in her email today I had to look. Why those little bacon bas..... Never mind. I feel your pain . The only thing worse is goats.

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