A Fine Cup of Tea

Got a coat of ATF of the storage shed yesterday and then primed it for paint. I have been reluctant to put paint on because I got up today at 6 am today and it was +2. I am going to use an acrylic outdoor latex on the trim - the parts that is white in the picture. Beats me how anything grows around here but it does. Peas are up this morning, spuds are just about ready for another tire and the peppers are starting to form.

Today I spent dunging out the "Blue" shed. Made some great progress tommorrow I'll move a bunch of the left over auto parts and scrap steel and maybe make a start at getting a workbench and shelving setup. Well that's probably a little unrealistic as the workbench itself will probably take me a day. It will be great to have all my tools in one shed. With room to actually build something. The teacup is Royal Dolton - destined for the Endako Hall Garage sale on Sunday


carolb said…
Pinkies up, please! Oh Art, you're so ladylike when you drink your tea! Happy garage sale day.

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