Progress Not Perfection

Jeez, some one informed me that Blogs are supposed to be updated regularly. Who'd a thunk? The garden progresses, completed the flat garden. Actually it's a bunch of hills now with garden textile between the rows to keep the hills a little warmer.

I think the soil in the tires is a little to "Hot". Not temperature wise - it just isn't getting very warm- but too rich. Read: lot's of cow poop. I keep plastic over the beds. I got some row stakes from a neighbour and put them over some of the tires so that I can put plastic over them. Instant green house.

If the soil doesn't work out I will take it all out next spring and mix it with some sand. Starting a bed of compost. Maybe have to try a "Chicken Tractor" but that's another post.

I've done all the pressure washing on the storage shed so it's just waiting for paint. I am painting a friend of mines shed and he is giving me some ATF ( automatic transmission fluid ) to spray on the shed. It actually looks pretty good and protects the wood.

We have been slogging crap out of the Blue shed. The more we get a look at the place the more dismal the making a shop idea there looks. Well it should do for this Winter. Then I am thinking of turning one of the Barns into a shop. That is if we don't start raising Lamas. Now that we don't have the cows in the yard the grass is getting pretty high. I like it - especially in the wind. Dandilions are gone and Ox Eye Daisys are up. Very nice.

I found a set of metal tires that we're going to use for supports for the front steps. Some wire brushing paint ( Red? Green? Blue? ) and cool.


carolb said…
GREEN! You're going to spray your shed with transmission fluid? That sounds weird, but, I'm confident you know what you're doing. Your garden is looking great!
bobcx7 said…
You can also use used oil from oil changes. Just get it from the local station or Mr. Lube. it'll protect your cedar siding as well.
Rod said…
I would like to know what you used to spray the tranny fluid on the shed. I'm using it to treat my wood shingles, but the small pump up garden sprayers will not spray, only a straight stream comes out.
Art Blomquist said…
Rod, I hadn't noticed your comment here. Sorry for the delay. I sprayed it on with an airless paint sprayer. I do a lot of painting and have a coupole of them.
KEN L. B said…
OMG, I actually remember Henry Viney. He used to be our neighbor. We used to live in the little one room house at the bottom of the hill that my father eventually replaced with a mobile home beside it and finally just moved it out of there altogether. He ( Viney ) was a very lonely man and he used to give my brother and I stuff from his garden all the time. We were very young then and we used to call him " the old guy " Wow that was 40 years ago. It's crazy how time flies. The Endako general store was owned by Toews's back then and the gas station was dugans Gulf. But yes, Henry Viney is a man that I will never forget.

K. Butler

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