Chicken Tractor

OK, I know, how do their little legs work the clutch.

Well the basic idea is that you use movable runs to get the chickens to dig up the dirt, eat the weeds and crap all over the place. Works wonders for preparing the outside garden, and gives the chickens some real live food and fresh air. Works wonders. It's synergystic. It's permaculture. Honest, a guy, Andy Lee wrote a book about it. Here's some pictures of some fancy house and run combined. I got it for Christmas and have been plotting poultry power ever since.We spent a day building the "A" frame "tractor" part and will install the doors today if the paint dries.

Today I am building the movable coop, where the chickens nest at night and, hopefully, lay there little globes of goodness. The eggs, not the other stuff. And then I need to make some runs so that they can get from the Chicken Chalet to the Tractor without being a meal for Mr. Hawk and Eagle. And of course the occasional coyote or fox. Or Doggie.

My brother Tom brought up a set of fork lift arms for the skid steer so I can move stuff ( like a 6 X 6 foot "A" frame chicken coop) a lot easier than packing it around the joint in my trailor.

OK. I have to admit it. When I was a Boss type at work, in a land far away, some of the guys would complain I didn't give them enough time to get stuff done. I see now why that was. I can't estimate task time worth a hoot. Everything actually takes about three times as long as I think it will. My apologies guys. Carry on.

And something is nibbling at my radishes. Hmmm. Tonight, me, a flashlight, trusty guard dog, hammer, waiting, waiting, every so patiently....


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