Lake Endako

Haven't been getting out of the house much lately. I have been working on getting a new software release and getting a web site up and running. But I had to take a few minutes and update this blog before it just stays static.

We were looking out of the office window the other day and Jo-Ann remarked how she had never noticed the lakes in the distance before. Well , they hadn't existed before. The Endako river has swollen with flood waters so much it is creating lakes along it's run. Here's a picture of the lake along side Savory Road.

We're a little concerned about the powerline that runs across the lake. It's the main power feed for our little community. Just to be prepared we are stockpiling gas for the generator. And considering property values now that we're almost lakefront property.

I had a radish, fresh from the "re-tired" garden yesterday. Not bad, considering last year we hadn't even planted by mid June. We had only done half a tire with radishes and lettuce but planted the other half, yesterday to keep the supply going.The garden experience went so well last year we've decided to expand the operation a bit. Well, quite a bit.

Tom came up and turned over a 60' by 100' plot just to the west of the house on a nice sunny flat spot. Unfortunately, the soil is almost pure clay and will need to be remediated with a couple of truck loads of sand, and composted manure. Hope to get it planted with "root-a-veggies" this year.


Carol said…
Holy crap! Will you be starting the Endako Farmers Market this summer?
Art Blomquist said…
Crap? Yes, that's the idea. Lots of it too. I don't know but I guess the Holy stuff works better?

We don't plan on selling anything but will build a cold storage to keep us, and guests,in "root-a-vegies" untill we can grow some more.

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