In the Green

Woo Hoo! Lettuce has got to salad stage. The first run anyway. The second planting is on its way. Was great to have a salad last night with greens from the garden. The radishes will all be gone this week, but we have another crop coming along. It will be interesting to see how many crops we can get before it gets to cold. It's given us some impetus to get a green house going that we can keep heated in the winter..


Carol said…
A heated greenhouse in Endako? That would be very cool. Also, stir frying radishes are surprisingly good. Once you get a regular inflow of them, you might like them that way once in awhile.
Art Blomquist said…
I like them with Green eggs and Ham. There are about three commercial green house operations in the area. But I don't think they run them during the winter. I guess for a large green house it takes quite a bit of heat. I'm thinking more like 10 X 12.

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