The new garden is pure clay. I made some test clayballs and left them in the sun. They are rock hard. So I have to add some material to free up the clay. First thing is getting some sand into the garden. We had a couple of truck loads delivered.

We're now contemplating getting topsoil and cow poop into it. After I spread the sand out we tried to roto-tiller it but have decided we need a bigger roto-tiller.
Ever noticed, in a project, how one thing leads to another. I was using the skidsteer to spread the sand, and wasn't paying attention to well and knocked down about four fence posts. Of course this broke the fence wires. Not a good thing when theres a 100 yearlings running around inspecting a fence that was battered by the snowfall. So we had to repair the fence and well we were at it fix up the front fence that had some broken strands.

Apparently a lot of the local farmers are contemplating replacing whole fence lines as it might be easeier than repairing them. Lesson learned: wear good gloves ( i.e. heavy leather ) when working with Barbwire. Not the nifty, stretchy, thin leather only on the palms kind...

Jo was wearing the correct gloves and didn't have any problems. Me, on the other hand. The good thing was we got to wear our cool summer cowboy hats. By cool, i mean they're the sraw ones. Of course I think they look pretty "cool" also..

I am running into a software dead line so have to spend quite a lot of time in the office when I would like to be "playing" outside as the weather warms up. Ah well, the good thing about being an adult is you can eat all the ice-cream you want. The downside is having to be responsible for the consequences.


Viki said…
And, did you learn the other tip on successful wiring? You use your hip to hold the wire in place while you tap the staple into the post. My legs were too short, and I wasn't wearing jeans so I couldn't do that, but Tom and Lindsey did it--slick trick
Art Blomquist said…
OK, Now that tip is going to save a lot of wear and tear on my teeth!

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