Home Again

We got back from a trip to the Coast that lasted a lot longer than we had planned. While we were at the coast I got word that an elderly Aunt had passed away in Flin Flon Manitoba. I had an Auntie and uncle living in Summerland who wanted to go to the service but weren't up to the drive so I chauffeured them to Manitoba.

I haven't had a lot of contact with my Auntie's so it was a wonderful experience getting re-acquainted and catching up on some family history I hadn't been aware of. She didn't hold the fact that our moose was named after her against me!

When I was in Creighton, which is just on the Saskatchewan side of the border, I re-did a hike of an trek went on when I was eight. At the time I thought it was a world class Marco Polo adventure that took all of a long Northern summer day and felt like a 50 mile hike. Well according to google maps it was only about 2 kilometers as the crow flies and about 6 to avoid the muskeg and walk on the ubiquitous rocky outcrops. But I still was an eight year old grinning from ear to ear.

Pictures later today. I have to switch from my Linux side to XP to do that.

Hard to get lost anywhere within sight of that 800 foot smoke stack. I think you can see it 30 miles away.

We had some one taking care of our place while we were gone. At least we thought we did. We came back to a house that had been ransacked and cleaned out of a fair bit of money and other personal stuff. Thankfully the T.V. and computer equipment are still here.

We are still doing an inventory of what's missing. A weird feeling to know that some one has been through all our stuff, opening boxes and snooping around. Everywhere, even in the freezers. Just creepy. I lead a clean and sober life and have for 21 years so it's a bit of a shock to see a pair of scissors and a mirror from my bathroom in the living room with dope smell and residue on them.

Other than that incident, which has really shaken my faith and made me question my judgment about people, It was great to get back.

The garden has been growing like crazy. The drip irrigation performed. When we get back from town today and a trip to the police station, I will be weeding it while Jo-Ann is dunging out the house with a can of disinfectant. And then a look at the project list.

But first I want to watch Xena the wonder dog run around in sheer joy at the wide open spaces. And pet the cats.


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