It's a winning combination

Actually it's a combine. When we were coming through Fraser Lake two nights ago we noticed that our combine was parked in the museum parking lot. We had donated it to the museum so that others could enjoy it. I don't know how old it is but I have never seen one that was built with wood so I think it goes back a few years.

Now that it's gone it frees up the "Red Shed" so that I can move it over to the garden for use as a green/house winter chicken house. I have water and power over there so I will be able to install some grow lights and a wood stove.

It is hovering around a cold windy 9C here today (48.2 F.)The covers stay on the tires today. I will have to add some more to my Tomatoes as they are over 2 feet tall and growing. The spuds are growing great guns. I planted some spuds in a large plant container on our balcony and it is only a couple of inches high compared to the couple of feet in the tires. Quite a difference. I Heard that some gardens were lost to frost in Burns lake, about 50 miles West of here. What ever happened to global warming? A bigger problem here is global cooling. According to the geological records that's really where we are going. This warming is a temporary blip before another big freeze.

We are in scurry flung mode as an elder from a local reserve is coming to do a ceremony here to cleanse any bad vibes from our house. I really am in a "spiritual kindergaden".

We don't have any cattle grazing here as the farmer who was grazing them here was having trouble with our neighbors bulls getting into the herd.So the grass is pretty high. Beautiful when it sways in waves with the wind. Our North side and part of the East side has no good fencing so the herds just mix. On the list. I am trying to get some bids from fencing contractors for about a mile of fencing. Or I just may end up doing it myself. I want to put up a good 5 wire fence, 12 foot spacing with two spacers between posts. A lot of work. Time to prioritize. I have a fence around our immediate housing area so don't really need one around the whole place but I am toying with the idea of getting some more livestock. The chickens just got me started. I am following a fellow blogger returned to farming: Ethan Book the beginning farmer and learning a lot. He's been a real inspiration. He's cost me a few bucks at Amazon with his great farming book reviews.


Carol Browne said…
Oh cool! A cleansing ceremony for your property? Did they burn sage? What a good way to start off the summer - a big clean up. The tire garden's looking great! I see a farmer's market in your future!!

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