Dig We Must

Yesterday we started to underground the electrcal and water lines out to the garden close to where the green house is going. Tiny's excavator made short work of that. And then I had to scramble to town to get some more pipe so that I can extend the run.

Seeing we were digging the day we day lighted the septic tank. It's true, the grass is always greener over the septic tank. I have been nervous about the tank since we replaced the one at Grandma's as it was newer than the main house. As it turns out tho the tank at the house was fiberglass and looks to be in good shape. However it was full to the brim with grim. We have a call into the local septic sucking service ( you gotta love how that sounds..) That last thing I want in January, when it's -30C, is a plugged up septic system.

Of course it took Xena but a few minutes to find the wonderfully odoriferous contents of the septic access clean out and roll all over in it. Gotta love that perfume. " And look how it enhances my eye shadow." she seemed to say when we called her to get in the truck for a trip to town. "You guys should help yourself, there's lots left.." For the next little while her name is going to be Xena, stinky princess.

It has been very warm the last couple of days. Yesterday it hit +20c. A strong East wind was blowing in the morning and I thought it would pluck all the yellow leaves from the poplars but it didn't. There is very little green left on the deciduous trees. Some of them getting a gorgeous red. Were trying to drink it in before it all gets shed.

OK I am off to try and connect polyethylene pipe to ABS. That will involve duct tape, as I have never found a glue that works.


Carol Browne said…
EWWW! Dogs love the most disgusting things. It's part of their charm, don't you think?

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