Instant Root Cellar

Yesterday (Saturday Oct, 4) I was in a meeting from 8:AM until about 1PM. A friend of mine and his strapping sons gave me a hand, well actually lots of them, to move a huge commercial type fridge from the Endako hall to our place. It doesn’t work very well as a fridge. The compressor is probably shot but I don’t care about that. I am going to mount it on some pallets outside downstairs under the balcony, and put a light bulb attached to a thermostat in it to keep the temperature around 10C. Then we can use it as a stand up cold storage. It’s about six feet high and a couple of feet deep.

I may glue some styrofoam to the sides and top and doors to increase the thermal efficiency, and a pan of water inside should keep the humidity fairly high. I do have warning bells going off about the door seals freezing shut if it gets to -30C but we’ll see.

It is a heavy beast, far more than me and Jo-Ann could of handled. I want to get the garden cleared out except for some test patches that I am waiting to see how long they will continue to grow. Time to harvest the spuds. The lettuce is doing well. Spinach ditto. Turnips seem to be growing. Swiss Chard is still green. We let some radishes go to seed and found the pods to be delicious.

Today we are taking advantage of a break in the weather and trying to get the rest of the winters wood in. Notice that stack inching towards done-- about to the fridge.

Just taking a break between loads for “ a cuppa”. The internet is down so will have to post this a bit later. ( Back up on the Sixth)

This is a picture of the logging crew about to bring in the last load.
Today ( the Sixth) is going to be harvest day. Bringing in the spuds & Carrots. We woke to a -2c frost so it's time.


Carol Browne said…
Hey, Jo-Ann's in the back and Xena's in the front? That reminds me of Saudi Arabia. We once saw a man in a small pick up truck with is wife in the open back part, and a GOAT up in the cab with him. Sheesh!

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