It's that time of year again.

It was time to drag the winter boots out. The ones to the left are a high tech version of the old rubber overshoe. This one goes up to the Knees so it has a built in gator. It is designed to go over a hiking boot but works well with shoes. If it gets really cold I can add a felt liner for sub zero comfort. The advantage to these for around town is I can wear my slippers inside and when I get to some ones house the outers come off easily and I can just wear my slippers inside the house.

The everyday work boots are the ones we wear for doing yard chores or whenever we are going to be ( or could be) out in the weather for an extended period. If your moving at all these baby's will work to -40 or more. When it gets a little icy we will add strap on crampons for safety.

Cold storage fridge update. We have all the controls now wired in and the ducts that take inside air and circulate it to the fridge if it falls below 0c (32F) and it's working great.

Our skidsteer isn't up and running so that I had to used the old Drott Skid shovel to bail us out.

It needs work because after a half hour or so it loses traction. I will have to have my heavy duty mechanic friend look at it. When it's working right it can sure move alot of snow in a hurry. I am expecting a Cat D4 to show up one day. It has a movable blade so should make it a lot quicker. Mind you if I get the skidsteer up and running and an eight foot blade on it we are ready for winter snow moving.


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