Where the Sun Don't Shine

Every time I don't listen to that little, nagging, inner voice I come to regret it. Like checking out the chimneys during the summer when the roof is dry.

Last week I wanted to fire up the main furnace but decided to inspect it and clean it if necessary. I removed the furnace end of the metal chimney and shone a light up the chimney to see whats what. Here's what I found:
I'm not an expert but I don't think a steel chimney is supposed to bulge and have split seams and insulation cooking.

So we have to replace it. 8 three foot lengths, athrough floor fitting, an attic insulation fitting. the best price we could find localy for Selkirk chimneys was $86 a 3' length. I hope the fireplace insert chimney is OK. But it's about the same age as the main chimney so who knows. I guess I'll find out when I cut a few holes in the walls. Needs or wants? Want a bandsaw - need a chimney. We'll start that project today. We are going to get at it through the kitchen wall. We want to check out the living room fireplace chimney and that ends on the main floor. The tricky part is going up on the roof, now that it has snow on it. fortunatly I have a stainless steel run line along the ridge and a safety rope ataches to that. I installed that when I painted the roof last summer.

My estimate is a couple of days. Stay tuned to see how wrong I can be.


Denise E said…
eee gad Art. What a rotten job you've found. I'll stay tuned to your blog channel.

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