Santa might have some trouble..

I better get on with the chimney replacement project or Santa might have a hard time getting down the chimney. The two chimneys are walled in between the kitchen and living room. I have been toying with the idea of removing the partition for a more open look. I would have to replace the fireplace insert and would have to see the main chimney going through the house. In the meantime I needed to get at the old chimney to replace it. No problem- I have power tools.
As I pulled down the chimney pipes the picture didn't get any rosier. Here is the line up on the veranda out front. Don't think that black stuff oozing is supposed to be how they look.

The white crap on the floor is where the baked insulation has leaked out. We'll bite the bullet next week and go to Vanderhoof to see if we can get all the parts we will need. In the meantime I am waiting for my heavy duty mechanic to show up so we can get the skidsteer running. I have a new snow blade for it. It should make clearing the place of snow a lot quicker.


Viki said…
Who thinks of this crap in the summer anyway! But, in the cold & snow, don't ya' wish you had!
Anonymous said…
Cheryl says to get Tom to build you a brick chimeny,it would last a lifetime and pricewise,about the same......if you put in another metal one,you maybe replacing it again sometime
Art said…
Well we thought of that-last spring. Of course that was then and this is now. We are going to go with a Selkirk. They are supposed to be good for 25 years. I hope I get to replace the chimneys again!
Anonymous said…
When you come in for your new chimeny,don't forget to bring me an old laptop,at the moment I am borrowing somebodies and he is going to want it back soon Mike (in Vanderhoof)

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