I've got a Problem

I can quit anytime I want to. I just don't want to.

O.K. I admit it. Ive got a problem. My daughter got us hooked on this sugar free sweetner from Starbucks. Cheesh - how very Yuppie. But I can't help myself, I am powerless. We've taken to limiting our drinks. Hiding bottles when company comes over.. Stretching the bottle out. I knew I should have bought a case.

And not a Starbucks for Two hundred kilometers..I see a road trip coming on..

Got the Skid-steer up and running. Finished the new "instrument" panel. Now it's just a switch to start it. And it starts when I want it to - without requiring prayer or pleading and promises of a nice warm garage afterwards.

I stuck on a bunch of reflective non-skid material where ever I was likely to step. Bare metal is a sure fired recipe for a slip. Glued on ensolite insulating foam to the engine cover that the back of my legs rest on - coupled with an insulated floor mat makes the plowing process a lot more comfortable. Just sitting surrounded by bare metal can be a butt and foot numbing experience even with -100c boots and thermal coveralls. Hmm maybe I can close in the cab. But first some lights and repairing the seat.
I think the pressure has been getting to Jo-Ann lately. Just little things. She's been leaving the toilet roles in quite the disarray. She's made some feeble excuses about Jack, our latest house addition, being the culprit- but really! He's only about six inches tall at the shoulders. I will be keeping a close watch.
Perhaps its sugarless hazelnut syrup withdrawal..

Trying to get a Neice's three laptops ( two Vista, one Xp) to wirelessly network and share a printer with an XP box. Sounds simple. After three attempts, one modem replacement, a re-install of a virus ridden Windoze box, I am still trying...

Just buy a Mac. Or try Linux. Our network has been running problem free for about six months now..

Hope your networking is problem free.


Anonymous said…
isn't there a Starbucts in Prince George????????
Art Blomquist said…
There is a couple. And they all will be visited
Denise E said…
Isn't that two feline paper destroyers you have? Maybe the first culprit has returned to old ways.
Art, for a "retired" man you sure do work a lot. Good for you !

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