West Wind

We are going through an amazing warming spell. Like lows of 0℃ highs of +6℃. I was talking to some long term residents and they told me they had never seen weather like this in their life time. Over sixty years and no has seen rain storms in January. Interesting weather.

But look at the bright side. Our wood pile is not shrinking at the same levels that were happening when it was -30c. And I got to witness that the crushed gravel I spread over the visitor parking and our front driveway had solved the gumbo problem at our doorstep.

Nice. Hoping for that and the fact that we have a berm around the whole North side of the house ( the House is downhill from 5o acres of snow slope) will keep the joint a whole lot drier come spring melt. Which is exactly what we are having right now.

Still no progress ( as defined by the thing working) with my skidsteer. I replaced the rotor, distributor cap, and coil but it still doesn't fire up. Mind you when I went to replace the cap I noticed that the pick up coil was trashed because the last hay wire mechanic to work on it crushed the screw holding it down. Made another call to the parts guy in Prince George and some more parts are on the way.

I find mechanical repairs frustrating. For one, I don't have a good enough knowledge of what a " known good" condition is. And I find the placement of parts puzzling - like they were put were they are in order to frustrate any repair efforts.

I have been taking the wiring harness apart and will eventually get it rewired correctly. That is— no crimp on connecters that are not soldered, and no taped together connections. That's what God made solder and shrink sleeve for.

The biggest problem is that I just don't know what I am doing. Mechanically wise. I have a great service manual - but of course that's written for a mechanic, not an electrician masquerading as one.

Any way back to One Step At A Time, with the skidsteer. I need to see it as a learning process, not as a trying ordeal. Jeez that sounds a lot like change. I am a big believer in the value of change—as long as it's you whose doing the changing..

Hope your day goes well, one little thing at a time..

Stop to smell the oil. In what ever form your roses are.


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