Look What the Cat dragged in.

Got a mysterious parcel in the mail yesterday. It was from a Buddy of mine who lives in tropical Prince Rupert. Apparently he grew tired of me whining about my glasses fogging up and sent me this:

No Crap! It really works. I tried it out yesterday and wasn't able to get my glasses to fog up. It was only -5c so haven't been able to see how it works in the far below zero range when the fog freezes over. It has been weird weather. It is 0c outside and forecast for rain for the next five days. Just unheard of January weather for these parts. And this following a month of -20c temps that was causing the wood pile to melt. The wind has picked up and all the roof snow is sliding off.

We will try for a new trail today if we can get it in without putting on rain gear.

The parts for the Skid Steer came in yesterday so I can put that together and see what was causing the no start situation. At the end of this rain the snows will come.

Hope your staying dry today.


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