Just Parachuted in

I am still waiting for the parts to arrive to get the skidsteer up and running. Tomorrow the parts guy tells me. In the mean time a friend lent me a parachute. It drapes over the equipment and helps hold the heat in. Heat that gets generated by an electric heater or my propane one depending on where the break down is — and how cold it is.

It's been in the -25's for a week or so but last night it warmed up to-15 and there was a freezing rain. Just nasty. Of course on the way to town the wind sheild wipers on the Toyota decide to quit. Drive 5 K, scrape off the wind sheild. Repeat. Fortunatly I got them working on the return trip. And I was extremely grateful having four studded snow tires.

We went snowshoeing again today. Great exercise and more fun than running on a treadmill. We cut a new track over to the East fence line. To bad I can't get those out riders to go in a straight line..

Looking back along the track.

Couldn't get the snow on the over hang to fall on Jo-Ann, but you get the idea.

We went up "Butt Crunch Hill", along side the Western fence line. The freezing rain smoothed out the ice crystals but it is still a pretty route.

Finally back across the field to a nice cup of tea.

I managed to get a sliver and couldn't find the eye Loupe to dig the thing out so Jo-Ann lent me her magnifiers. You don't think they makes my face look fat do you?

Hope your on track for a great weekend.


Viki said…
No, but they make your eyes look crazy. I think so anyway.
Yvonne said…
OH my , found your blog by hopping around!
What a fantastic wonder you are in. such beauty all around!

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