Fire on the Mountain

Now that the snow is mostly dissapeared, but the ground, and grass still wet it's time to get the burn pile gone. When it's burnt down all the clay and soil goes back on top and it all looks neat and tidy. The excavator sure makes digging holes an easy project.

I was gifted a part of a sailing ship. The mast part. It's a great 20 foot chunk of aluminum pole that is destined to go in front of the house with a flag and weather station on it. Dig a hole, pour some cement. The pole even has foot holds on it. How handy is that.
I know the picture looks a little speckled. That's a late snowfall trying to be something.

The seedlings are growing like it's almost spring. The zucchini and spaghetti squash just leaped out of the soil and I will transplant to bigger pots today.

We're converting an old blue shed to a chicken house, pig pen combo. Don't know anything about pigs but plan on starting small I have a couple of inspiring sites that are my "go to sites" for pork dreams. Walter Jeffries is an amazing inventive guy who has forgotten more about pork that I will ever know. Donna OShaughnessy is the typical Farm wife, world traveler and consummate blogger, who works 27 hours a day and does Nursing on the side for a rest.

The blue shed has power, wood and electric heat and this summer I will add water to it. Er, that's the shed part, not the power part. The electrician spent the day installing the lights. compact fluorescents and a bunch of outlets for infrared lamps for chicks. He Spent a whole lot of time, cup of tea in hand, admiring his work. Glad I didn't have to pay him. Today the carpenter takes over. He's about as fast as the electrician - but he works for the same rate. Slap cheese wraps and a cup of tea.

Kermit, or Jaba the Cat, and Cleo are now BFF's. They seem to have it all worked out. Not so with Cleo and Boose. Boose is still pretty cranky around Cleo and Cleo is just too inquisitive to know that a hissing cat is not inviting you to play!


Art, you are such a flatererer or however you spell that word. Thanks for the Kudos ! Go ahead and take that pig leap. They really are fun, on some days, when the fence is working...

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