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It's Alive!

We've had the seedlings under the grow lights for two days and voila! When I checked it yesterday morning sprouts were a sprouting!

First up was the Chinese cabbage, tender heart, with Basil and Cabbage starting to show. The soil temperature is a constant 28℃ and the plastic lids are keeping everything moist. I think they will have to come off pretty soon.

I finished pushing all the snow off the sides of the driveway so that it melts in the ditches and not on the road - which is drying up rapidly. Then we removed the plow, storing it for the season, and put the forks on the skidsteer. That will be useful for moving stuff in and out of my latest project the Chicken House. I am turning the blue shed into a chicken house as I can heat it with a wood stove in the winter. the chickens will have outside runs and chicken tractors to pass the time. I don't want to have confined chickens. Have you heard of 30$ a lb blue foot chickens? I have spray paint and am not afraid to use it! Or I could just free range the chickens and feed them milk. I'll bet the resident eagles and hawks would appreciate that!

Yesterday we were going to a friends place for a party and I decided to just drive around the top of the garden instead of just backing up. Bad mistake that came with in a touch of burying the truck axle deep. Fortunately four by four low and an occasional snow patch, and less muddy ground underneath meant I didn't have to get the chain and skidsteer out. When I showed up at the party a friend remarked: " I thought your driveway was dry?". As he pointed to our mud splattered truck.

Ah well projects to do. Have power tools and I know where the rechargers are!
On a related note: The fridge bureaucracy says I have to wait until the compressors have had the Ozone depleting freon sucked out . So I won't be able to get any for about a month. Too late for this year's early start. So what do they do with all that freon anyway?? Sell it to a third world country..

So tell me more about those chickens Dad...


Blue foot chickens . In the nursing world this means poor ciculation and possible loss of a limb. In the poultry world you pay $30 a pound !! Lets get together and spray paint all our animals, and a few eggs too. It is almost Easter you know. (PETA, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain)

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