Grow Op-ortunity

Just back last night from a quick trip to the Coast to pick up some ram. Couldn't get away quick enough.

As part of weird but usable things to do with recycled fridge parts we made a grow light station from some pulleys and the Plastic door from the fridge that made my magnetic black board in my office.

I didn't have anymore four foot flourescent fixtures laying around so decided to just change the 4 foot tubes in an existing shop fixture to fluorescent grow lights. The one catch with that was the fixture is on a nine foot ceiling.. That's where the pulleys come in. The shop is heated already with back up propane available, so no worries there.

The fridge/grow box rests on a couple of removable saw horses and then the pulleys bring the plants - er seeds, at this point, up to the light. Out of the way of heads and kitty cats. The two by four frame was an over-engineered thing and I am going to remove it today.

We're trying out something different in grow pots this time also - we recycled toilet paper and paper towel tubes into seedling pots. Just cut them in half filled them with good potting soil put them in plastic trays with lids - and now the waiting game. Hopefully the cardboard will decompose. The lids will help keep the moisture in the pots. Used Popsicle sticks make great plant markers.

We planted cabbage, spinach, squash, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, sweet peas ( the flower) poppies, lilacs, Chinese cabbage with more plantings to come later on. The turnips, rutabagas, beets, spuds, roma tomatoes and carrots will go directly into the re-tired garden when the ground warms up enough ~like mid April. The basil, rosemary and tumbler tomatoes will go into pots that will sit on the balcony soaking up the summer sun.

Ah the anticipation.

The list for today includes, removing the two by four frame from the grow bed, starting the clean out of the Blue shed for the new chicken house and installing visual studio to make the cloud based application development start to happen.

And of course just when I was going to take the snow plow off the skidsteer we get a couple of inches dumped last night. It is rapidly melting away today so no need to plow.


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