Fiddlers on the Roof

Our friends Mike & Bubba were up for a visit and helped with the next stage of the "get the chikin spa ready and prepare for the Green house" project. There was a pole lean too shed attached to the high side of the red shed. The red shed is destined for the head of the re-tired garden to form a South facing, single walled green house.

The trick was to cut the lean two away from the shed shorten it by four feet and transport it a hundred yards or so to form the basis of the outside runs for the Chikin Spa.
The part of the Red Shed were looking at here will all be salvaged glass. The other surfaces will be super insulated. More on that later..

It was a neat feeling seeing the shed moving on down the road.. Jo-Ann and Bubba said it was too cold to don skimpy outfits and spread grease over the rollers, ala, the pyramid builders.. I thought they just weren't into the spirit of the thing..

The hardest part was inching it up to the side of the Blue Shed, which contains the Chikin Coup. ( misspelling intentional..)

When we got up this morning it was -14c. Yikes. Yesterday Jo-Ann myself and a few helpers transplanted the seedlings into bigger pots. Can you spot Boose peeking over the rim of the gold pan she's hunkered down in?

and brought half of them into the house to reside in the internal green house, awaiting warmer climes and a move to the re-tired garden.

It is a neat o smallish plastic covered green house that was on sale at a Prince George big box.

Now that I see how it was put together I am pretty sure I can whip one up with two by material and some electrical conduit. Anyway it's big enough for now. But something tells me it will get a lot of use before I get the Green House going.

Mike showed me a neat way to use a window as a see-through white board. A clear board as it were. The dry erase comes off clean as a whistle. Ah the things that go through my head.. Here's todays 2do list:

Hope your having a wonderful weekend.


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