Landscaping the Chiken spa

Yesterday we put down chain link fencing around the bottom of the permanent run. The idea is that it will keep any burrowing criters like foxes and even coyotes from digging under the fencing.

Jo-Ann humped a ton or so of rock and placed it against the bottom rail and then I used the skidsteer to cover it with soil from the horse corral.

Between the run and the barns was a wooden railed fence area that has long ago returned to Mother Earth. I was told that horses were kept inside with access to the stalled barn. Now it's a major source of rich brown soil that is making it's way to the retired garden and yard planters sprouting up around the place.

Looks like a great spot for some truck tires filled with that nutritious soil and flowers that are amenable to East and some South light..

The next part of the project is to install an L.E.D. door light made from a salvaged light fixture at the West door so we can find the place in the dark without using a flashlight
I am an inveterate list maker. I find that if I don't keep track of the tasks at the end of the day, or week, I end up scratching my head wondering what I've got accomplished.

In no particular order here's the check list for the Chiken spa's remaining tasks The ☑ are completed:

☑ Move Coup Door to allow Chicken Run attachement
☑ Add Fox Thwarting
☑ Add roofing overhang at South side of run
☑ Install salvaged, beefed up, screen door to run
☐ Add Re-Tired Planters
☐ Screen in South Window
☐ Replace Tattered Siding
☑ Replace East Window that was covered in tin
☐ Repair bent over roofing over Run
☐ Install roofing to make a proper drip line on the South Side
☐ Install Door L.E.D. fixture
☐ Trench for Water
☐ Install automatic waterers
☐ Make runs to Chicken tractor(s)

Maybe installing the salvaged Persian rug languishing in the basement pile would be too much...

It's still sunny but cold. According to the WWW the weather is starting to warm up. Still it's going below zero at night - just a little early for the retired garden to start up.


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