Moving On

We've had a week of construction type activity around the place.

The "Blue" Shed consisted( Fortunately ) of two buildings that looked like they were one unit but were actually two separate buildings.

The front part has evolved into the Chicken Spa and soon to be Pig roost.
The back of the building had a collapsed roof and only the walls were holding the sagging roof up.

We decided to remove the roof to prevent a total collapse at the next snow load, but leave the walls up to provide some shelter to the pen. Tom's excavator has a thumb on it that made crunching up the roof and burying it in a hole for burning when the first snows come. We don't want to set the pastures on fire! The wide scraping bucket also makes a reasonable aerial platform for the inevitable chainsaw work.

The Chicken spa got some nice ceder trim we were gifted from my contractor Nephew.

The "Red" shed is gong to transmogrify into a one wall green house. It made the march over to the North end of the re-tired garden.

We put newly cut skids under it cross braced it like crazy and the move went with out a hitch. The South side will be transparent and will make use of the double glazed windows I have been accumulating. Some might call it hoarding but that's a little harsh. The other five sides will be insulated to r4o - that's about 11 inches thick and I will heat it with a wood furnace to make it a 12 month green house. I have to dream up some method of "shuttering" the large South facing side to stop heat loss when it gets dark.

Now that the Red shed is moved it left room to get at the building I am converting to an equipment shed.

The first order of business was doing some landscaping. There was a Gooseberry bush and a couple of lilac bushes that needed to be transplanted. Digging holes is what an excavator was invented for - moving shrubbery a handy addition to it's repertoire.

We cut a ten foot by nine foot hole in the side after bracing the inside and installing a track for the sliding door. Hopefully by winter all the equipment should find a place inside out of the snow.
Some of the Zucchini plantings have started to flower. I don't get that part. It sure seems to be a bit early..
Now what would these denizens be focusing on so intently.

Jeez guys have a look at these yummy Mozzarella Meatballs that Dad just made! Do you think he would notice one or two missing?

Its overcast, cold and starting to rain. And time to start work on the Green House. More to follow. Hope your having a great week.


Rich said…
"...I have to dream up some method of "shuttering" the large South facing side to stop heat loss when it gets dark..."

Have you ever seen some of the information about Earthships (bermed rammed earth tire structures) and how they incorporate a greenhouse onto the south facing wall? I believe that they use thermal mass (masonry and/or water-filled black-painted barrels) to "store" the heat from either solar or conventional heating. The more heat you can store, the less insulation needed in the shuttering structure.

It has been awhile since I have seen the details of Earthships, but I think there might also be some ideas for shuttering the south facing windows.

Adapting some of the Earthship ideas into your greenhouse could give you an interesting and functional building.
Art Blomquist said…
I have a stack of tires, and a bunch of clay soil. Perfect for a rammed wall on the North side of the Green house. I have a bunch of 45 gallon barrels that will be used to store heat on the inside of the North Wall.

Thanks for the remind about Earthship. An amazing concept.

It gets -40 here in the winter so I will still need to think about making the most of the insulation and any heat that gets accumulated during the day. Less wood to have to burn.
Art, if only all "retired" folk like you stayed as active, I'd have a lot less folks needing my care in the hospital . You go man.
Art Blomquist said…
Well the Dr. said I have to take it easy while my IT Band injury heals. So she says no running. I gotta do something!

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