The Pig Sty is a Pig Sty

We have a couple of piglets coming so were building a pig sty and run in the blue shed that houses the chicken run.

Like any project the first thing is to clear out all the crap, er valuable stuff, that has been stored in the place where I want to project my vision.

  A nice comfortable, watered and heated pen for the porkers.  That we may better enjoy there porkitudinous in about six months.  The doors at the back couldn't swing as the floor inside was patched toghether over the dirt so out came the trusty sawzall.

I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the shed only has a very limited lifespan.  No foundation and rotting walls.  We removed the rear roof earlier this summer.  Time to start considering a ground up rebuild.  Whats more important a new, bigger shop or a new animal barn.. Ah well I can't afford it right now anyway so here's hoping I can patch the old blue shed through another winter.

For now, after the clean up we will build a 12 by 15 two sided stall.  Using the back wall where the door is and the wall to the left.  I will have to reinforce the floor and walls with some 5/8th ply that I have salvaged.  I will cut a 3 by 2 foot door so the pigs can get out into the fresh air at the rear.  And from there to a pasture run.

I will leave the two walls up and fence off the back.  Better get busy as the Pigs are due Friday.


I believe you could sell the old building to Hollywood. Would make a great building front for a Western. And as a matter of fact, it is not "crap" you are storing, it is "inventory" as my hubbie and I agreed to call his crap a few years ago.
Kevin said…
Where's the piggies?

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