Dirt Poor

Not.  We got lot's of dirt. Sand and Gravel.  The sand is a seven minute round trip from a pit in our upper pasture.

Yesterday after getting Xena's wing patched up with six stitches, I started to back fill the trench we dug to get water to the Blue Shed.  First we put bout 300 cubic feet of sand on top of the 3/4 inch poly pipe.  That keeps the rocks in the clay soil backfill from crushing it.  Then I started to put the back fill clay soil in the trench.

Funny thing with trenches.  I just can never get the same amount of fill back in that I took out.  I suppose if I had  compacter it could be done. What I do is just keep driving the skid steer over the trench and mounding the clay soil up and they repeating as the bump disappears.

My skid-steer isn't up to this kind of heavy lifting so I was using Brother Tom's.  It is so fast, compared to mine,  that I get motion sickness when I use if for any amount of time.  All that twisting and turning and jerking to a stop and backing up... Jo-Ann's ministrations of Ginger tea were required to get me back on my feet after a couple of hours.

Hopefully I will get the rest of the trench filled in today and can move on over to the insulate the green house project.  It went to 10 below night before last which decimated all the squash.  Next year, via greenhouse,  we start sooner in the season and cover by September.

Of course I wasn't allowed to play with plumbing tools without supervision.  There was that incident in the green house when I cut a loaded PEX line..So they keep an eye on me.  Safely out of range of course.   I am pretty sure that it helps..

The new chicken watering rig was readily accepted by the chucks.  It is so much cleaner than using the plastic bucket waterer - and of course it's automatic, as the water level goes down a spring gets released which fills it back up.

Ditto for the pig waterer.

The pigs seemed to take a little longer to figure it out.  Their snouts hit the brass knob which releases a trickle of water.  A whole lot less ends up on the floor or brewed with the stuff between their fore feet's toes.

After a hard days work in the trenches me and a  couple stalwart friends decided to have a sleep out on the balcony under the full moon:
Hay! Don't give Cleo all the sleeping bag..

Eventually order is restored and  a productive day drifts off under the moon light ..
OK just scrooch over and maybe bring me the spare pillow..


So I must ask...where does Jo Ann get to sleep ?
Art said…
Sleep? Some one has to stand guard to protect us against night beasties. And she's a sharpshooter..
Jordan Saunders said…
may i ask where you got your pig waterers from? website? cheers.
Art Blomquist said…
Hiya Jordan, sorry to take so long to get back to you. The Pig waterers are pretty standard stock in any of our local feed stores.

We are switching over to nipple waterers however. They just stay a whole lot cleaner.

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