Putting on the Heat

O.K. it's still a bit warm but soon it will get colder.  When It gets really cold I will probably need some additional heat in the Green House.

I had salvaged an old Valley Comfort heater from a house that a friend of mine and I demolished.  At first look it was in pretty good shape.  After cutting the proper hole size, we installed some tin and hoisted  the stove into place.

 By the time we finished it was getting a tad late..
The next day I  discovered that It had been run without fire brick and If I had of looked towards the back I would have noticed that the fire box was all but destroyed.  I was able to salvage the mechanical draft control from it to use in another heater we have in the Blue shed.  That will make it run a whole lot more efficiently.

Fortunatly I also had another heater as backup a veritable Ashley C60-D.  It had been left outside in the elements uncovered.  It was sound but rusted.

Nothing that a coat of high temperature stove paint and new door gaskets wouldn't improve.

I even found a fan motor that was left in the Green House when it was just the Red storage shed.  It still had the original packaging and instructions.  It has a thermo couple switch to turn on the fan when the heater reaches temperature.  This heater is definitely over kill for this space  - but hard to beat the price. The metal paneling behind the stove is held out 3 inches from the wall on spacers.  The floor around the heater is also metal covered.  No place for sparks to grow.

Hope your staying warm!


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