In the Trenches

Today brother Tom and a couple of friends came up and we dug the trench to bring water to the blue shed. What an improvement that will be.  The two piggies really go through the water and the chickens require a daily supply of fresh water.

Something about digging trenches with heavy equipment just brings out the kid in men.  Of course my friend just retired from Municipal service, and I've been retired for five years so we were experienced trench watchers!

We had prepared for the worst.  Pipes breaking, threads missing, frozen couplings but the disassembly of  an existing standpipe to connect to the run was surprisingly easy.  No plan "B's" required.

Now to get a few more fittings and start the PEX connections into and around the blue shed.  My friend Vic suggested a tap near the stove to make mash for the pigs.  A great idea and one the pigs will be sure to appreciate.  Now I didn't want to take this last shot but the photographer insisted:
Everyone Breathed a sigh of relief when the water cleared.


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