Putting on the Light

It was raining so hard yesterday that the outside work of studding the wall for R30 insulation had to come to a halt.

So instead a friend and I  moved inside the Green house and  finished installing some heavy duty shelves in the Green House.  And that gave me room to spread out four HID fixtures and wire them up.  A 400 and two 150 watt High pressure sodiums and one 250 watt metal halide.  Sure puts a lot of light in a small green house.  It will be an interesting experiment to see how the plants grow under the lights.  I am hoping to get enough blue light through the windows that the HPS fixtures will be sufficient for growth.

The wood stove is ready to go, a small electric heater, and thermal mass from the tires and barrels are keeping the temperature to 21C over night, and of course the fixtures add some heat but it won't be long before we have to start feeding some wood into the heater.  Adding another plastic layer to the windows inside and out will also be a big help.


Steve Romero said…
Looking through your blog I can see you have a beautiful place. It does look like it can get pretty cold up there, however!

I'm looking forward to reading more, so keep posting!
Wendy said…
Set me up a cot in there and I'd call it home! What a gorgeous greenhouse! I'd say something about envy, but it might sound to "punny" :).
Art said…
Steve, That's the point with the Green house, besides being useful for extending the growing season it's nice during the cold of January and February when -30c happens, to sit in the sunlight surrounded by greenery.

Wendy, great minds think alike. I do own a cot and the thought has crossed my mind..
I love seeing your progress and especially love your positive attitude about living in an area with such a short growing season. You make me appreciate what we have that much more

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