Dog Tired

I took the day off.  Sort of.  No falling trees - just the usual chores.  Sometimes it just catches up with me.  The doggies have been pulling a disappearing act the last little while and while they do return it sure takes them a while after I stand on the porch and call them.  I decided today to follow their tracks as we had about an inch of fresh snow last night and it would make tracking them pretty easy.  I grabbed my camel back, with its little supply of emergency goodies, decided I didn't need the snow shoes, and started tracking.  Should have taken the shoes.

Just as I started down the driveway following their tracks Xena showed up and was  happy to show me where she had been and where Cleo still was. It was like they were very excited to show me where they had been playing.

 -With the rabbits down in the Christmas Tree field and just over our West fence line.  So we ended up going for a bit of a slog up our West fence line trail and back across the snow covered pasture to the house.  It was quite a slog and there were three tongues hanging out by the time we made it back.  Every body settled down for a bit of a nap.  One of us had a cup of tea..

Tomorrow I will try it again with a set of snow shoes on.  The start of route one.  The Doggie Trail.

The local mountains looked like studies in charcoal .  It was a very sunny day.  Well appreciated after a week of overcast bleakness.

We didn't have to light a fire in the green house for the last couple of days.  At one point today it got over 40C and I had to open the doors.  One of these days I will have to get the automatic ventilator system set up.  Soon.  It's interesting that the winter temperatures, when the sun is shining is way warmer than any of the summer temperature. A function of the roof overhang.  In the summer the sun doesn't shine directly in the windows for most of the day..  In the winter it shines directly in for the entire day.  Interesting problem, keeping a green house cooler in the winter.

Hope your keeping warm and toasty and looking forward to Christmas.


I hope you brought your cell phone with you on your walk. Do cell phones work where you are or do you have to send Lassie back to tell Timmy you have fallen in the well ?
Denise E said…
Have you found out where they have been going to yet?
Art Blomquist said…
Hiya Donna, how goes the Christmas Prep? I always take a walky Talkie with me and we check it out before I go out. The other one sits right near Jo-Anne. I do usually carry a cell phone with me also. ( when I can find it..) I think the dog's message would be. Got anything to eat? Have you seen Dad??

Denise They are hanging around the Christmas Tree field chasing rabbits. It's a four Acre field that has been let go and is overgrown with Christmas tree size conifers.

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