Full Of Hot Air

I love popcorn.  I have a bunch of boxes of #10 cans filled with popcorn.  I have a hot air popcorn machine but it is a real pain picking up the kernels that end up flying everywhere.  Ah, when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Here's a method I picked up from Wendy at her Surviving the Suburbs Blog:

Now she used a wood stove which I can do out in the green house or Barn but I tried it on our electric range and it worked perfectly.  All popped, no oil, no mess and the sieve didn't even get hot.

If you're in the mood for some hot air popcorn with no fuss or muss give it a try!


Viki said…
Wendy said…
Ha! Love the grin at the end of the video :).

Glad the popper worked for you. It also works over a campfire, if you're careful not to get the popper too close to the fire ;).

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